The Top Business Cold Emailing Solution for Great Deliverability

Works with Google’s Own Cold Emailing Solution, Google Workspace, to Get Great Delivery and Easy Compliance for Emailing Cold Business Leads.

App Features

Business Emailer has lots of great features to make emailing cold leads through Google Workspace a breeze!

Integrates with Google Workspace to get the best delivery results and easy compliance with opt-out links.

Can import your leads from anywhere or use one click integration with to get any real time business leads you want!

Super easy, non-techie solution for cold emailing with maximum results!

Easily create and send e-mails with a touch of a button.

E-mail up to 2,000 leads a day per Google Workspace account (Google's maximum limit, which helps get great delivery).

The best cold emailer out there!

Get High Email Deliverability

Integrate with a Click of a Button with Google Workspace

Write, Send, and Queue Emails

Easily Stay Compliant


Affordable Pricing, Great Features, and Top Delivery! Pick Which Option You Want Below:


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$195per year

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I email these leads exactly?

    We make the writing, sending, and queueing emails super easy, and for the mailing integration side we work with Google Workspace (which is owned and run by Google) to ensure top delivery and best practices. You’ll need a Google Workspace account, which is only $6 / month, to get started! Business Emailer then makes it super easy to get started by literally being able to email leads with a click of a button (up to 2,000 leads per day for a single Google Workspace account). You can then see replies and respond to them in whatever email account, like Gmail, that you setup your Google Workspace account with.

  • You can ultimately get business leads from any source you want, but we highly recommend, which we fully integrate with to make sending from there as easy as a click of a button! Macroleads lets you search for any keyword(s) you want (even optionally by location within that search) and doesn’t charge you per lead, so it’s a great source to get tons of real time business leads without spending a fortune.

  • Business Emailer works with Google Workspace, so you’ll need an account there. Luckily Google’s cold email tool, which is built into their Google Workspace, can be had for only $6 / month! Business Emailer integrates with them to ensure you get top delivery and make compliance easier while making emailing your leads super easy at the same time.

  • Business Emailer integrates with Google Workspace, which is Google’s tool to email cold leads, so they automatically include features to make it U.S. CAN SPAM compliant, like having an opt-out link. You’ll want to make sure to follow any other rules or the rules of your country depending on who you’re emailing and where you’re emailing from.


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